Andy Bozell wins The Big One – Reveal The Hammer
Andy Bozell wins The Big One
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Brian Bergakker was the Allstar Performance quick-time award winner for the Reveal The Hammer Series with a 14.369. The invert was ten, putting Harold Fair Jr. and Justin Claucherty on the front row. The duo stayed even until a caution on lap two restacked the field. Coming to complete lap three, points leader Phil Bozell and Alex Hagon got together off turn four. The contact sent Bozell spinning through the infield and into one of the tractor tires on the third mile. Both Bozell and Hagon were unable to continue. Claucherty took over the lead on the ensuing restart.

By lap 10 the top five running order was Claucherty, Fair Jr., Andy Bozell, Blake Childers, and James Lynch. On lap 13 Bergakker got by Lynch to move into the top five. On lap 21, Andy Bozell got inside Fair off turn two to take over second spot. Childers got third on lap 31 when Fair had problems and took his #71 to the pits. By lap 45 Claucherty continued to lead over Bozell, Childers, Bergakker, and Lynch with Steven Ulman closing. A caution on lap 49 slowed the field and Claucherty took command on the ensuing restart before the yellow flew for a spin in turn one. Claucherty did noit get as good of a restart the next time as Bozell would get to the inside and take the lead coming out of turn four,

Bergakker slipped past Claucherty for second and he and Bozell pulled away to a two-second advantage over the rest of the field with 20 laps to go. On lap 66, Bergakker was challenging Bozell when the backend of the #12 got away from him and he spun out of turn four did a 360 and kept going, but the caution flew and he had to go to the tail of the field. Bozell controlled the restart and got the advantage over Claucxherty with Childers moving into second two laps later. A caution on lap 73 gave Childers a shot at Bozell, but he suffered the same fate as Bergakker when he looped his #10 off turn four. Andy Bozell survived the next restart to claim his first Reveal The Hammer victory of 2023 and move into the points lead by 10 with one race remaining! Claucherty finished second ahead of Shook, Lynch, and Bergakker.

Finish Start # Competitor Hometown +/-
1 5 83 Andy Bozell Portage, MI 4
2 2 7 Justin Claucherty Clarklake, MI
3 9 14 Mark Shook Schoolcraft, MI 6
4 6 5. James Lynch Palos Park, IL 2
5 10 12 Brian Bergakker Middleville, MI 5
6 7 4 Adam Terry St. Joseph, MI 1
7 8 10 Blake Childers Flint, MI 1
8 11 24 Jacob Maynard Elkhart, IN 3
9 17 P51 Scott Pemberton Lansing, MI 8
10 20 09 Bud Perry Edgerton, OH 10
11 13 32 Steven Ulman Tawas City, MI 2
12 15 77 Chase Wilson Sault Ste. Marie, ON 3
13 19 11. Mark Nienhouse Birch Run, MI 6
14 14 74 Dan Leeck Birch Run, MI
15 18 116. Jack Varney Jr 3
16 1 71 Harold Fair Jr. Milan, MI -15
17 16 0 Lenny Roberts Roseville, MI -1
18 12 11 Jason Felver Owosso, MI -6
19 4 18 Alex Hagon Lennon, MI -15
20 3 8 Phil Bozell Portage, MI -17
21 21 16B Trevor Berry Clio, MI
22 22 104 Max Fair Milan, MI
DNS 23 5 Jimmy Smith