Rules/Payoff – Reveal The Hammer

Reveal the Hammer Super Outlaw Late Model Racing Series


Weight: 2700lbs before every event.  60% max left side. 


Track Width: 82 inches


10-inch steel wheel max


100 decibel maximum


Body Rules:

82” wide measured anywhere. 

Front overhang 45” rear overhang 46” max from center of wheels

Must have store bought nose and roof (True Force/Arp/ Five Star etc.)

Must have full front and rear windows.  4” Ledge Maximum

Spoiler 8 inches Maximum measured from deck with maximum

1” lip 42” measured from the ground. 

8in x 72in spoiler maximum

No Verticals anywhere on body or spoiler

Minimum window opening 12 x 22 both sides


Window net required


All safety gear must be up to date


No Mirrors, No Radios or other electronic communication devices allowed. 

No spotters.  No 2-Channel Raceceivers. 

Violation will result in a black-flag.  No money for the night.  

Hand signals are encouraged


All standard late model rules apply




Tire Rule. Hoosier 3035 Left side and 3045 Right side or

American Racer AR-31 (Lorain County)

Tires are available before the day of the race at Hoosier Tire Midwest        

574.936.8344       Mon – Fri  9am – 5pm

Race day tires will be available for sale Donny Klotz 574.320.8898

Rules Questions –


Tires can be bought before the day of the event or at the track (your choice)

No soaking or alterations to the tires.  Tires will be subject to a durometer

before qualifying and before the feature.  Tire samples will be taken after every event.


Samples will be sealed in an evidence bag and sent to:

Blue Ridge Laboratories Inc

522 Pine Mountain Road

Hudson, NC 28638

(828) 728-0149


Any failed lab report will result in a lifetime suspension from Reveal the Hammer events


Reveal The 2022 Payoff


1st  $3,500.00
2nd  $1,400.00
3rd  $1,300.00
4th  $1,200.00
5th  $1,100.00
6th  $1,000.00
7th  $900.00
8th  $800.00
9th  $775.00
10th  $750.00
11th  $725.00
12th  $700.00
13th  $675.00
14th  $650.00
15th  $625.00
16th  $600.00
17th  $600.00
18th  $600.00
19th  $600.00
20th  $600.00