Rules/Payoff – Reveal The Hammar

Reveal the Hammer Super Outlaw Late Model Racing Series

A group Outlaw Super Late Model racers competing on asphalt circle tracks throughout Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio.

Be sure to check out schedule and follow the Cars and the Stars to your local tracks!



Tires can be bought before the day of the event or at the track (your choice)

Any of the above Hoosier Racing Tires are legal

Tire samples will be taken after every event and sent to Blue Ridge Labs

Any failed lab report will result in a lifetime suspension from Reveal the Hammer events.




Reveal The 2022 Payoff

1st  $3,500.00
2nd  $1,400.00
3rd  $1,300.00
4th  $1,200.00
5th  $1,100.00
6th  $1,000.00
7th  $950.00
8th  $900.00
9th  $850.00
10th  $800.00
11th  $700.00
12th  $650.00
13th  $650.00
14th  $600.00
15th  $600.00
16th  $600.00
Total  $16,800.00
17th  $600.00
18th  $600.00
Total  $18,000.00
19th  $600.00
20th  $600.00
Total  $19,200.00